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Mackenzie Rosman's 7th Heaven


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Guest Stars on 7th Heaven

Guest stars are a huge part of 7th Heaven

Nicole Cherie Saletta guest starred as Deena (Simon's girlfriend)

Nicole Cherie Saletta - Deena

NSYNC's Lance Bass made a guest appearance on 7th Heaven

Lance Bass - Rick Palmer (Robbie's brother)

Jake Richardson is David Gallagher's friend in real life, so it was hard for them to act as if one wanted to kill the other

Jake Richardson - Johnny

Shawna was Matt's girlfriend for a long time, but she moved to NY to go to college

Maureen Flannigan - Shawna

Alex M. Douglas to play one of Ruthie's (Mackenzie Rosman) classmates in an upcoming episode...but no pictures yet!

Jimmy Moon was Lucy's first boyfriend

Matthew Linville - Jimmy Moon

Deborah Raffin played Julie Camden Hastings who used to be an alcoholic but recovered with Reverend Camden's help.

Deborah Raffin - Julie Camden Hastings

Keri Russell of Felicity played Mary's friend from detention that took her to a Fraternity Party

Keri Russell - Camille

Andrew Keegan played Wilson, who Mary met while taking Ruthie to the park one day. He had a son named Billy.

Andrew Keegan - Wilson

If there are any guest stars that I don't have here, and aren't listed below, please email me a file of their picture, and I'll put it up as soon as possible, and give you credit for the picture. Thank you!

If you have pictures of any of these people, I would greatly appreciate it if you emailed the file to me. (I will give you credit on my site)

Ed Begley Jr. - Hank Hastings
Jason Behr - Matt's friend Brian Heaz
Julie Marie Berman - Shelby, Lucy's friend
Ryan Bittle - Jeff, Matt's friend (Mary's first kiss)
Casey Boersma - Billy (Wilson's son)
Dylan Boersma - Billy (Wilson's son)
Eileen Brennan - Mrs. Bink
Wade Carpender - Jordan
Toran Caudell - Rod
Jason Davis - Dwight
Andrea Ferrell - Heather
Beverly Garland - Ginger
Nancy Grahn - Principal Russell
Peter Graves - The Colonel (Eric's father)
Dorian Harewood - Reverand Morgan Hamilton
Alice Hirson - Annie's mother
Graham Jarvis - Annie's father
Don Jeffcoat - Michael Towner
Allison Mack - Nicole (Lucy's friend, used to be a cutter)
Shane Meier - Joe, Lucy's friend
Tamara Mello - Tia (one of Matt's girlfriends)
David Netter - Nigel
Barbara Rush - Grandma Ruth
Sam Saletta - George
Chaz Lamar Shepherd - John