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Episode Guide Season Four

Season Four

Episode Sixty-Seven: September 20, 1999- The Tattle Tale Heart
Simon surprises his grandparents with his new haircut. Matt decides to move out of the house and get his own apartment (with a push from his sisters!), and ends up sharing an apartment with his friend John Hamilton. Julie's husband Hank gets Matt a job at the hospital working in the cafeteria. Eric has what turns out to be a mild heart attack from the stress from his job. The ending was very touching when everyone gets in the room together and calls Eric in the Hospital and says "hi dad" at the same time.

Episode Sixty-Eight: September 27, 1999- Life is Too Beautiful
Eric develops a childlike fascination with life when he takes a much-needed vacation, while Annie runs interference with the kids. Meanwhile, Simon assumes the role of the man of the house but feels that Matt is undermining his authority. Matt grows uncomfortable with the blossoming friendship between his girlfriend Shawna and his roommate John. Lucy finds a direction for her life with her interest in Habitat for Humanity.

Episode Sixty-Nine: October 4, 1999- Yak Sada
Each Camden learns lessons about equality as Annie and Lucy join together to protest the mistreatment of women in Afghanistan, Eric counsels a young couple about the importance of sexual equality in marriage, Simon drops a cooking class he enjoys because he is the only boy enrolled, and Mary helps Ruthie with her secret plans to defy convention and play on the school football team. Meanwhile, Matt helps his girlfriend Shawna confront her long-lost father who abandoned the family 20 years ago

Episode Seventy: October 11, 1999- Come Drive With Me
With Annie and Lucy adding a new bathroom, and the need for a new car, Eric is depending on his built-in annual raise from the church board. However, when the church deacons get the wrong impression about the Camden financial situation, they reject his annual raise. It's up to Ruthie to save the day and convince them to change their mind. Meanwhile, a young hospital patient offers Matt sound career advice and Simon attempts to entertain a classmate who has a crush on him.

Episode Seventy-One: October 18, 1999- With Honors
When Mary and her friend Cori learn they have been named the recipients of the Senior Class Outstanding Athletic Award, they are thrilled. But the local businessmen revoke the honor once they learn Cori is a mother. Angered and saddened by their action, Mary gives her award to Corey in front of the entire assembly. On the home front, tension builds after Eric and Annie find a bag of marijuana in Simon's new friend's backpack. They confront his family, who at first deny there is any issue. But after a succesful intervenion with the police, the boy's father agrees to seek counseling and find a job. Meanwhile, Matt faces disciplinary action after he breaks the honor code during a school exam, and Lucy refuses to help a guy access the school's computer system.

Episode Seventy-Two: October 25, 1999- Just You Wait and See
Eric and Annie put on their counseling hats when Julie appears on their doorstep fully prepared to leave her husband. Eric decides to take Dr. Hastings out to dinner to discuss the issues. While they are at dinner, Julie goes into early labor. Unable to transport her to the hospital because Simon and Mary are out to dinner and Lucy is on a date, Annie does her best to calm her down. Dr. Hastings and Eric return to the Camden house just in time for the birth. Julie delivers a beautiful baby girl. Grateful for her brother's efforts, Julie names her Erica. Meanwhile, Lucy is disappointed when her date expects her to be "the man," and Simon attracts the attention of an older female admirer.

Episode Seventy-Three: November 8, 1999- Sin...
Mary and her teammates are upset when their high school coach puts a lock-out on the season, at least until their grades go up. When the school calls a meeting to discuss the situation, Eric and Annie support the coach's concerns and decision. Outraged by their betrayal, Mary and the team break into the gym and vandalize it. They are soon caught by the police and are arrested. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Simon is caught givin the finger to a school chum, Matt contemplates returning home, and Ruthie obsesses about being one of the guys.

Episode Seventy-Four: November 15, 1999-...And Expiation
The Camden family rallies together after Mary's arrest. Mary truly learns the consequences of her actions after she learns that she will lose her basketball scholarship, and faces possible school expulsion and jail time. Eric and Annie enlist the help of a lawyer who manages to get Mary enrolled in a community service program. Simon and Ruthie feel overwhelming guilt for having limited knowledge of Mary's intentions and failing to report it to their parents. They decide to visit different houses of worship to attain atonement.Matt moves home to help with the family, but soon realizes he needs to live on his own.

Episode Seventy-Five: November 22, 1999- Dirty Laundry
After Eric receives a mysterious check of $20,000, he learns that the gift was from one of his Parishioners who was a WWII internment camp survivor. When he hears that the woman has never been able to move on from her internment experience, he helps her to come to terms with her pain. Meanwhile, Ruthie learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of friendship; Matt and Shawna have a miscommunication about laundry that sends their relationship temporarily into a tailspin; Simon is woeful over the injustices of the world, and Mary adjusts to her lower social status at school.

Episode Seventy-Six: November 29, 1999- Who Nose
In order to get extra credit, Simon volunteers to paint a holiday mural with a few guys in his school. The other volunteers don't like Simon because they are inhaling paint fumes and are afraid he will report them. When one of the boys ends up in the hospital, Simon is accused of providing the paint. After he confronts the boy, the boy decides to confess everything to his parents. Meanwhile, Mary is suddenly thrilled about her community service after she meets the man of her dreams: Robbie Palmer. Eric and Annie are hesitant to allow Mary to pursue a relationship because of her punishment, but do allow for Robbie to call her. Matt is up in arms when he learns that Shawna is transferring to NYU and that his father provided a reference without his knowledge. Ruthie wins first prize in her art-school project: a sculpture of the Camden family's noses.

Episode Seventy-Seven: December 13, 1999- Forget Me Not
When Ginger comes to visit, she informs Eric and Annie that her father is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. At first, Annie can't believe it, but after observing him in the backyard not paying attention to a fire in the grill, she realizes the truth. Meanwhile, Mary and Eric can't see eye-to-eye on her relationship with Robbie Palmer,but they soon agree to a compromise. When Mary informs Robbie of the plan, he tells her in disgust that it just won't work out between them. Fortunately, he changes his mind after speaking with Eric that evening at the local grocery market. Lucy gets into trouble after blowing off her Habitat for Humanity project to go on a date and is caught in the act, and Matt is so consumed with depression due to Shawna's upcoming move to NYC, that he barely pays attention to Simon,who just wants to spend time with his big brother. Lastly, Ruthie makes vast Millenium preparations until Eric provides her with some good information.

Episode Seventy-Eight: January 24, 2000- All By Myself
Annie decides to take a well deserved break from the family and heads to the beach on a trip to get some rest, leaving Eric in charge of the large household. Meanwhile, Matt must reluctantly say goodbye to Shawna as she leaves for NYU, Mary impatiently waits for Robbie to call her, Lucy realizes that she may be interested in the wrong guy, and Simon learns how to treat a girl. (tips from his sisters)

Episode Seventy-Nine: January 31, 2000- Who do You Trust?
Eric and Annie reluctantly allow Mary to go out with Robbie, on the condition that they double-date with his younger brother Rick (guest star Lance Bass) and Lucy. Meanwhile, Simon and Nigel buy several packs of cigarettes for a class project to prove how easy it is for children to buy tobacco, Ruthie works on her own secretive science project, and John invites some female neighbors over for dinner to take Matt's mind off of Shawna.

Episode Eighty: February 7, 2000- Words
Reverend Camden helps a new family in the congregation who has a son suffering from Tourette's Syndrome. Simon, who sticks up for the boy at school after bullies pick on him, tries to help Eric. Meanwhile, Annie takes matters into her own hands when she learns from Lucy that Ruthie's teacher has been calling her stupid. Simon unknowingly hurts Mary with something he says, and Matt puts Shawna through the silent treatment.

Episode Eighty-One: February 14, 2000- Loves Me, Loves Me Not
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TWINS!!! - It's Valentine's Day, and the Camdens are celebrating the day of love with a special party in honor of the twins' first birthday. Eric and Annie worry about making the babies' birthday a memorable one, while the rest of the family learn different ways of exchanging love on Valentine's Day. After finally gaining her parents' trust, Mary is allowed to spend a romantic dinner with Robbie, only to learn that he has an ulterior motives. Simon and his girlfriend Deena confess to their parents that they've given each other love bites. Matt welcomes his ex-girlfriend Heather back into his life, threatening his relationship with Shawna.

Episode Eighty-Two: February 21, 2000- Say a Little Prayer For Me
The Reverend Camden encourages his congregation and family to trust in prayer, but soon learns that prayer is a very controversial subject.

Episode Eighty-Three: February 28, 2000- Twelve Angry People
Eric Camden finds himself on the hung jury of a case that he considers to be open and shut, only to realize that he must help the other jurors regain their faith in the legal process in order to reach a fair verdict. Meanwhile, the other Camdens suffer over their own wrong-doings - Annie and Ruthie ponder whether two wrongs can make a right, Mary becomes in debt to Lucy after unintentionally giving her a black eye, Simon and Deena realize that saying you're sorry can't turn back time, and Matt learns how important one person's voice can be.

Episode Eighty-Four: April 10, 2000- Hoop Dreams
After Mary dreams about playing basketball with Los Angeles Lakers, and receives an unexpected call from her coach, she gets her hopes up that she may be drafted by the WNBA after high school. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie get their feelings hurt after hearing Simon and Lucy declare that they wouldnt want to be a minister or just a stay-at-home mom, so the parents decide to spend more time with the kids to explain the roles theyve chosen.

Episode Eighty-Five: May 1, 2000- Talk to Me
Reverend Camden counsels a sexually molested young woman to help her express the rage and pain shes been hiding from her family. Her dark secret has weighed heavily on Mary which brings her to open up to Lucy, while Simon and Ruthie learn the power of communication with their friends and classmates. Meanwhile, Matt helps Uncle Hank reveal an important personal secret to Aunt Julie.

Episode Eighty-Six: May 8, 2000- Liar, Liar
Eric and Annie are excited to learn that their family will be a highlight in the local newspaper until the reporter interviews the kids and gets more of an exposť than the innocent stories he was expecting. Meanwhile, Matt is slandered by a co-worker, his roommate John confronts a politician for misquoting an African American, and a classmate of Ruthies plagiarizes one of her stories for a class competition.(worth $5)

Episode Eighty-Seven: May 15, 2000- Love Stinks, Part One
Episode Eighty-Eight: May 22, 2000- Love Stinks, Part Two
Eric and Annie must deal with their own feelings as they learn about their kids tumultuous love lives. Mary upsets her parents by announcing that not only has she decided to skip college in the fall, but that she is getting back together with Robbie, and later tells them she is marrying him. Matt is forced to choose between his girlfriend Shawna, who has moved back to Glenoak for the summer, and his ex-girlfriend Heather, who confesses that she still loves him. Lucy dates Robbies cute older brother Ronald, disappointing Andrew Nayloss who still harbors feelings for her. Simon gets dumped and Ruthie takes advantage of her new boyfriend.(Burt)

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Sixty-Seven

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Sixty-Eight

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Sixty-Nine

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Four

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Five

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Six

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Seven

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Eight

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Seventy-Nine

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Four

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Five

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Six

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Seven

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Eight

Both Mackenzie and Ruthie grew so much in just one season. I hope you enjoyed the picture timeline, with a special thanks to Lilly's Mackenzie Rosman Heaven for a few of the screen captures. (Her site is linked on the site page as Mackenzie Rosman Heaven) Check out the other episode guides, or go to another page on this site. Every page has something new and exciting, so check them all out!

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