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Mackenzie Rosman's 7th Heaven


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About Mackenzie

This is the page where I'll tell you about Mackenzie in more detail.

7th Heaven was Mackenzie's TV show debut, but she was no stranger to the cameras. Before 7th Heaven, Mackenzie Rosman appeared in various commercials, including Tuffs Diapers and Hormel Chili.

Mackenzie was born December 28, 1989, in Charleston, South Carolina. She now lives with her mother Donna, and her younger brother Chandler in Los Angeles. Chandler hopes to follow in his sister's footsteps, but things are not always pleasant between the two. "The way we argue drives my mom crazy," she told 16.

The kids hard at work

Mackenzie (Mack, as she prefers to be called) impressed casting directors by walking into the audition room, shaking everyone's hands, and introducing herself. (at 5 years old, by the way)

Fun Facts About Mack Rosman:
~Has some Cherokee Indian backround
~Her favorite episodes are when she tells the jokes
~Brings her dog (Molly) to the set every day
~They don't treat her differently at school
~Her co-stars tickle and tease her backstage
~She does schoolwork three hours a day
~Washes her hair in Pantene and Aussie (her hair has to be done every day so it looks good on the set)
~Her agent is from the Savage Agency
~Andrew Keegan kissed her on the top of her head
~Mack insists she is a normal girl
~Is auditioning for big screen rolls...Good luck Mack!!

Mack's Favorites:

Here are some of Mack's favorite things to do:

In her free time, Mack likes to swim, skate, and dance

Here's some of Mack's favorite music singers:

She likes country music (she met Leanne Rhimes once)
She also likes Madonna, Michael Jackson, Vince Gill, and Reba

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Actor: John Travolta

Favorite Song: Another Brick in the Wall, by Pink Floyd

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Brownie

Favorite Food: Dairy (milk, cheese, especially ice cream)

Favorite Subject in school: Art Class (she loves to draw)

Favorite Movie: both Grease and Titanic

Mackenzie truly is angelic

Mack's Pets

Two dogs: Molly and Gizmo
One rat: Sweetie
Two horses: Easy Mocha and Xena Warrior Princess
Two cats: Chance and Eddie
Two Fish: She doesn't remember their names
Two Birds: Information is unknown what their names are
One Mouse: The mouse is missing