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Episode Guide Season Two

Season Two

Episode Twenty-Three: September 15, 1997- Don't Take my Love Away
Eric and Annie renew their vows they are getting married again. The kids arent excited about the wedding and Ruthie wants to wear a tux. Mary is tired of walking with crutches but is afraid she might fall if she doesnt use them. Lucy is still angry that Jimmy Moon is going out with Ashley but invites them to the wedding; she later un-invites them. Matt and Heather are spending time together before she goes away to school. Simon decides to wait before moving into the attic. Eric helps a woman, Nora, talk to the guy who killed her husband.

Episode Twenty-Four: September 22, 1997- See You in September
Eric and Annie are taking a day off to spend time together since its the first day of school for Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie. Ruthie is caught wearing a hat backwards, looking like it is gang related. She insists on wearing the cap backward and gets a "time-out". Its Simons first day in Junior High, but at lunch he is caught with a knife that his mother had given him to cut his chicken. He gets suspended for a day. Lucy is having troubles opening the lucky padlock that her father gave her, so she carries her books everywhere she goes and her arms are killing her. Mary offers to help with the lock and gives Lucy an aspirin for the pain. The school principal notices them with the medicine and takes them to her office. Matt later joins them after Mr. Koper caught him with a beeper the one Eric left in Matts jacket after borrowing it. All three of them are suspended for a day. Mary learns that Mr. Koper is the new basketball coach and that hes going to help her build her knee strength up. Eric and Annies day off is interrupted by a boy threatening to jump off his apartments roof. Eric helps him work things out with his mom.

Episode Twenty-Five: September 29, 1997- I Love You
Mary tries to make Wilson say he loves her but he says its a big commitment and that they havent known each other long enough. Simon and Ruthie are reading Matts letters to Heather, so Matt tricks them by addressing one of his letters to Mrs. Matt Camden. Simon tells his parents that Matt and Heather got married over the summer but they learn it was just a joke. Eric helps Lucys friend, Laurie, get closer to her mother.

Episode Twenty-Six: October 6, 1997- Who Knew
Eric accuses Matt of doing drugs after his friend Mitch asks him to hold some marijuana. Meanwhile, Erics discovery of pot in the house leads to Annies own confession of experimentation and Simon teaches Ruthie how to do laundry.

Episode Twenty-Seven: October 13, 1997- Says Who?
Eric is persuaded by a member of his congregation, Mrs. Bink, to find out why her best friend is moving into a retirement home. Simon and Ruthie try to convince Matt that Simon is shrinking and Lucy tries to get to the bottom of classmate Shelbys apparent eating disorder.

Episode Twenty-Eight: October 20, 1997- Breaking Up is Hard to Do
The Camden kids get a lesson in love as Mary decides to break up with Wilson. Simon is obsessed with getting his first girlfriend and Ruthie learns the do's and donts of kissing on the school playground. Matt receives devastating news from his girlfriend, Heather which leads him on a journey to Philadelphia and Lucy laments over being single until she accidentally gets close to the school hunk.

Episode Twenty-Nine: November 3, 1997- Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Simon becomes emotionally involved when he learns his best friends sister is a gang member. Meanwhile, Lucy dons makeup and a revealing wardrobe to meet guys at the mall. In addition, Ruthie questions the speed of light.

Episode Thirty: November 10, 1997- Do Something
Against Erics advice, Matt takes a job caring for a dying boy. Annie goes into the muffin baking business with a cookie shop owner whos looking to expand his profits, and Ruthie teaches Simon a tough lesson sales.

Episode Thirty-One: November 17, 1997- I Hate You
Against Erics wishes Simon asks Holocaust survivor Mrs. Kerjesz (guest star, and real life Survivor, Rita Zoharm) to tell her story in class. To form a stronger sisterly bond, Mary and Lucy decide to hate Matts new girlfriend for no good reason and Annie suffers heartache when Ruthie tells her she hates her.

Episode Thirty-Two: November 24, 1997- Truth or Dare
Mary convinces Matt to ask his friend Brian to take her out despite Brians apparent lack of interest; at least at first. Lucy is invited by the in crowd to a sleepover party, unaware of the groups real intentions. Ruthie enlists Simons help to learn to swim without taking lessons and Eric becomes convinced hes fat.

Episode Thirty-Three: January 12, 1998- Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
Erics no-nonsense father, John "The Colonel Camden returns when he learns of an array of problems in the Camden household including: Marys jealousy of a new member of the basketball team, Lucys declining grades due to hanging around with a bad crowd and Ruthies need to copy Simon in his quest to be a magician. However, Eric is oblivious to all of the family troubles around him, Because he is preoccupied with writing a sermon to be covered by a camera crew.

Episode Thirty-Four: January 19, 1998- Rush to Judgment
Eric and Annie try to keep a level head when they discover money missing from the church treasury and all the evidence points to Lou, the church treasurer. Believing that Coach Koper has more than basketball on his mind where Marys concerned, Matt and Lucy risk alienating their sister to discover the truth and Simon lets the game of golf overwhelm his life.

Episode Thirty-Five: January 26, 1998- Stuck in the Middle With You
Lucy must choose between new crush, Rod, and former boyfriend, Jimmy Moon, after Jimmy breaks up with his new girlfriend. Eric and Annie are at odds when they help newly married couples communicate with each other and a visit from Annies father stirs up trouble in the Camden household.

Episode Thirty-Six: February 2, 1998- Red Tape
Eric tries to help a single mother convince the IRS that she shouldnt be responsible for her ex-boyfriends enormous debt. Matt accuses Mary and Lucy of placing a personal ad in his name for a date in the school newspaper, and Simon and Ruthie try to figure out how to pay off Happys accidental credit card purchase.

Episode Thirty-Seven: February 9, 1998- Homecoming
Convinced her basketball return will be a disaster, Mary develops a horrible attitude, making her quite unpleasant. Lucy is excited over the prospect of her best friend Suzanne coming to visit, until she learns the girl ran away from home. Afraid of his science teacher, Mrs. Hunter, Simon loses his confidence in his abilities to complete a class project and fakes illness to avoid it. And Ruthie is fearful of her first school field trip.

Episode Thirty-Eight: February 26, 1998- It Takes a Village
Eric helps Reverend Morgan Hamilton secretly meet up with Morgan's wife's ex-husband, and they are shocked at the outcome. While covering for Hamiltons daughter, Lucy unexpectedly goes on a date. Ruthie wears a bra because she and Lynn have a crush on the same guy. Back at school Mary secretly dates one of Lucys classmates.

Episode Thirty-Nine: March 2, 1998- Nothing Endures But Change
Series star, Stephen Collins, makes his television directorial debut in an episode based on the real life experience of Beverley Mitchell (Lucy). After Lucys friend is killed in a car accident, the family rallies around her, noticing her unusually distant behavior. In addition, Mary does a favor for ex-boyfriend Wilson, who turns out to be a great comfort to Lucy. Also, Simon finally gets his own room.

Episode Forty: April 6, 1998- My Kinda Guy
After Eric agrees to take in a French exchange student as a temporary border, no one but Ruthie suspects the young man is actually a con artist. Suave and romantic, the border atrracts both Mary and Lucy.

Episode Forty-One: April 18, 1998- Time to Leave the Nest
Eric tries to figure out the mystery surrounding a young homeless girl that Simon brings home. Matt delights at the prospect of going away to college, while sharing a room fuels the differences between Mary and Lucy.

Episode Forty-Two: April 27, 1998- Like a Harlot
Eric asks Matt to take his friends daughter to the senior prom, unaware of her tainted reputation. At the same prom, Mary and Lucy are dumped into a disastrous double date. Finally, Simon is uncomfortable after viewing a school film on the facts of life and Ruthie learns the truth about her costume character hero.

Episode Forty-Three: May 4, 1998- Boyfriends...
Mary and Wilson get back together, and they seem a little too together for Annie. At school, Lucy is worried when former boyfriends Jimmy Moon and Rod team up to follow Eric around for a class project, while Simon trains Happy for a role in a commercial. Lastly,Matt prepares to make a big announcement to his family in regards to leaving home.

Episode Forty-Four: May 11, 1998- ...and Girlfriends
Eric and Annie are speechless after learning that Mary might be pregnant and that Matt will be leaving home sooner than expected. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are discouraged when Happys original owner comes to claim her.

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty - Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Four

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Five

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Six

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Seven

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Eight

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Twenty-Nine

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Four

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Five

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Six

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Eight

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Thirty-Nine

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Forty

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Forty-One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Forty-Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Forty-Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Forty-Four

Both Mackenzie and Ruthie grew so much in just one season. I hope you enjoyed the picture timeline, with a special thanks to Lilly's Mackenzie Rosman Heaven for a few of the screen captures. (Her site is linked on the site page as Mackenzie Rosman Heaven) Check out the other episode guides, or go to another page on this site. Every page has something new and exciting, so check them all out!

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