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Episode Guide Season Five

Season Five

Episode Eighty-Nine: October 2, 2000- Here We Go Again
Big changes are afoot in the Camden household this fall as Eric is stressed by the fact that his daughter Mary has opted to postpone college in favor of a little soul searching and minimum wage, while Annie leaves him with a handful at home so she can complete her teaching degree. Meanwhile, Simon attempts to fit in for the next four years of high school, and Lucy looks forward to ruling the school as a senior. Matt considers the pre-med track at college, and Ruthie learns that she will have to spend another year with her despised third grade teacher.

Episode Ninety: October 9, 2000- Help
Mary still intent on her independence, finds herself buried under a number of unpaid bills after losing her job at the pool hall. Meanwhile, the Colonel surprises Eric and Annie with an unexpected visit. Matt blames everyone but himself for a failing grade on his organic chemistry pretest. Lucy enlists Simon to assist her with her Homecoming Queen campaign to help him gain popularity at school, and Ruthies prayers are answered when shes transferred out of her mean teacher's class and into a prestigious private school.

Episode Ninety-One: October 16, 2000- Losers
Responsibilities fly out the window when Eric and Annie enjoy separate nights out. However, Mary strays even further from her parents image of her. Matt blows Simons chance at a big date with an older woman (a sophomore) when he gets distracted by another woman. Lucy gets a taste of the not-so-glamorous side of parenting.

Episode Ninety-Two: October 23, 2000- Busted
Exasperations reach all-time highs in the Camden household as Eric and Annie helplessly watch their oldest daughter Mary and her worrisome friends continue to head down the path of destruction and into the hands of the law. (Uh oh...)

Episode Ninety-Three: October 30, 2000- Blind
Tension mounts in the Camden family as Mary shows further irresponsibility and serious negligence when caught with an open bottle of beer while babysitting. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie end up in their own scuffle with Marys bad-news friends, opening their eyes to just how strong their influence is on their daughter. Ruthie has a sleep over with her two best friends, while Lucy is in charge. The night is interesting for the whole Camden family.

Episode Ninety-Four: November 6, 2000- Broke
Still unemployed and with bills adding up, Mary continues her downward spiral to rock bottom as Eric and Annie fight about how to effectively deal with her numerous lies and immature behavior. Meanwhile, the fear of what may happen to Mary starts to take a toll on the rest of the family, prompting Matt, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie to break open the twins piggy bank to help Mary pay her bills.

Episode Ninety-Five: November 13, 2000- Mary's Goodbye
After learning that Mary stole from the twins to pay her bills, Eric and Annie come to the heart-breaking realization that they must make take drastic action to help their misguided daughter and protect the entire family. The Camdens gather to confront Mary with their feelings of hurt and betrayal and their conclusion is that they must send her away to live in Buffalo with the Colonel and Grandma Ruth.

Episode Ninety-Six: November 20, 2000- Gossip
Ugly rumors spread about Marys sudden departure, but Simon is persuaded to use his sisters bad reputation to boost his "cool" status at school and gets into some trouble of his own with twin "bad girls" Carol and Sue Murphy (guest stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)

Episode Ninety-Seven: November 27, 2000- Tunes
Eric and Annie confront Simon about the explicit rap music he is listening to and worry that his attitude toward women is being influenced by his rebellious friends. Ruthie wants to go to a concert, at first insisting on wearing a skimpy outfit, until Annie explains to her why it is wrong for any woman to wear clothes like that just for attention.

Episode Ninety-Eight: December 18, 2000- Surprise
Despite the disapproval from the rest of the family, and his own hesitations, Eric takes in Marys ex-boyfriend Robbie to live with the Camdens after learning that he's homeless. Meanwhile, Mary suspects foul play when she calls home and hears Robbies voice on the other end.

Episode Ninety-Nine: January 22, 2001 (Beverley Mitchell's 20th birthday) - Home
Annie and Matt feel unneeded because of Robbies well-intentioned help around the house, while Mary calls her siblings in a frenzy when shes convinced Robbies dating
Lucy and finally speaks to her father.

*Episode One Hundred:*January 29, 2001-*One Hundred*
*Eric discovers that Mary has run away from the Colonel's, and he's convinced more trouble is brewing. In reality, Mary is heading home for a surprise party for Eric, attended by everyone he's helped over the years.*

Episode One Hundred One: February 5, 2001- Kiss
Eric starts to feel jealous that the kids turn to Annie for advice, and Matt feels pushed out of the house by new addition Robbie. Annie feels slighted when the twins recognize Ruthie as their "mama."

Episode One Hundred Two: February 12, 2001- Valentines Day
Mary's feelings for Robbie resurface when she inadvertently finds out that he has a secret date for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, with the exception of Lucy, the other Camden kids feel jipped when their Valentine's plans fall through.

Episode One Hundred Three: February 19, 2001- Sweeps
Mary is coming back to Glen Oak, but the rest of the Camdens aren's so eager to welcome her back in the fold.

Episode One Hundred Four: February 26, 2001- Parents
Lucy thinks her friend's mom is the coolest, until she learns the dark side of having a "hip" "cool" mom. Ruthie tricks Matt into taking her to the mall, where she buys the makeup kit her parents said she couldn't have. Robbie's no good father returns, and at first the family thinks Robbie will risk his future and move in with him. Robbie makes the right decision, and stays with the Camdens.

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Eighty-Nine

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Four

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Five

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Six

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Seven

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Eight

Mack as Ruthie - Episode Ninety-Nine

*Mack as Ruthie*- *Episode One Hundred*

*Mack as Ruthie* - *Episode One Hundred*

*Mack as Ruthie* - *Episode One Hundred*

*Mack as Ruthie* - *Episode One Hundred*

Mack as Ruthie - Episode One Hundred One

Mack as Ruthie - Episode One Hundred Two

Mack as Ruthie - Episode One Hundred Three

Mack as Ruthie - Episode One Hundred Four

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