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Mackenzie Rosman's 7th Heaven


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Mackenzie Rosman Pictures

Mackenzie Rosman Photo Album

This page is all for Mackenzie's pictures

*The true star of 7th Heaven*

Mack as Ruthie (Episode "Kiss")

Mackenzie smiles - "That's a wrap on the 100th episode of 7th Heaven!"

Mackenzie in her chair (after completing the "100th Episode")

Sweet Little Mack

Mack sure has grown up since then!

Young Mackenzie

Cute Mack, A Little of DG's Head

Mackenzie Rosman

Miss Mackenzie Rosman on the Rosie Show

Mackenzie Rosman on Rosie

Mackenzie Rosman on her purple chair

Mackenzie is all grown up now!

Mack... All grown up!

Not only the star of 7th Heaven, but a gymnast! Impressive!

The life of an actress is not all fun and games

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Special Thanks to Cowboyrattler's yahoo club for this picture of Mackenzie below:

Thanks Cowboyrattler! This picture is awesome!

If you have any pictures of your own you'd like to see posted here, email the file to me, and I will try to get them up as quickly as possible.