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Episode Guide Season One

Season One

(Episode One)Pilot: August 26, 1996 - Anything You Want
This is the episode that started it all. Ruthie has nothing to do but pretend to be Simon's dog. Eric tries to help Lucy deal with becoming a woman, while keeping 16 year old Matt from smoking.

Episode Two: September 23, 1996- Family Secrets
Matt surprises the family when they meet the girlfriend he hasn't told them about, and Mary keeps her new boyfriend a secret from Matt. Lucy's secret crush on a classmate brings her a surprise. Eric discovers his shoes keep disappearing and is introduced to Matts friend, Renee. Lastly, Annie reveals the shocking truth to Matt about his grandmother.

Episode Three: September 30, 1996- In the Blink of an Eye
Matts plan for a date goes askew, while Annie suffers a devastating family crisis. Eric volunteers to do charity work, but Matts dating habits get him into trouble with the organization he's woring for. Mary breaks up with Jeff and Lucy has her first real date with Jimmy Moon. Annie's parents move in with the Camdens so her dying mother can enjoy her last days together with the family.

Episode Four: October 7, 1996- No Funerals and a Wedding
Annie's happy attitude turns to sadness after her mothers funeral, especially after her father leaves with no explanation. Eric tries to counsel a young couple whose marital problems escalate during the post funeral reception at the Camden home. Matt helps with the delivery of Renees baby and after Mary breaks up with Jeff, she discovers shes better off with him than without him.

Episode Five: October 14, 1996- The Color of God
When the Camden family learns that the Reverend Morgan Hamilton's church has been burned down and his family threatened, they invite the Hamiltons and racism to enter the Camden household.

Episode Six: October 28, 1996- Halloween
As Halloween approaches, Lucy wonders what the truth is about Mike "The Mutant," a mysterious recluse whos been accused of murder. While the entire family prepares for the churchs annual Halloween carnival, directed by Annie, Eric discovers the real reason he hates Halloween.

Episode Seven: November 4, 1996- Saturday
After Mary un-invites the family to watch her play in an important basketball game, Simon, Ruthie and Happy get lost and cannot find their way home. Eric is faced with counseling a young boy once again on his drug habit.

Episode Eight: November 11, 1996- What Will People Say?
The Camden kids jump to conclusions when they see Eric meeting a woman at a motel. Nevertheless, Annie struggles to give him the benefit of the doubt about his confidential church business, as the town buzzes with this juicy piece of gossip. Meanwhile, Simon endures the wrath of his classmates when his secret crush is announced and Matt tries to keep things moving slow between Mary and her new boyfriend.

Episode Nine: November 18, 1996- See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
After they are carjacked, Matt fears leaving the house, while Annie appears suspiciously normal. Lucy fears that her relationship will suffer when both she and boyfriend Jimmy Moon run for class president. Mary wants a tattoo to fit in with her basketball team friends.

Episode Ten: November 25, 1996- Last Call For Aunt Julie
Matt, Mary and Lucys plans for a Thanksgiving away from the family get put on hold when Erics sister, Julie, comes to spend the holiday with the family.
The family discovers Julies dangerous secret that she has a drinking problem. Matt, Mary and Lucy cancel their plans for Thanksgiving. Eric decides to help his little sister overcome her problem at home whether she wants it her not.

Episode Eleven: December 16, 1996- Now You See Me
The Camdens become suspicious when Matts new girlfriend, Tia, wants to spend more time with the family than with Matt. Lucy wants to try out for the cheerleading squad, but needs Matt to help her overcome her clumsiness. Annie wants more romance in her marriage, and Simon tries to make himself invisible.

Episode Twelve: January 13, 1997- With a Little Help From My Friends
To save Mrs. Bink's pride Matt lies to his parents and secretly helps her around the house. Eric has a good deed of his own. He helps a homeless family by creating an endless supply of odd jobs. Meanwhile, Lucy is depressed over the lack of enthusiasm for her thirteenth birthday, and Happy has her puppies.

Episode Thirteen: January 27, 1997- America's Most Wanted
Matt volunteers to take the blame for Mary when she steals a glass to impress her basketball team. Lucy feels guilty after putting her name on an old paper of Marys, while Simon tries to teach Ruthie the "Star Spangled Banner."

Episode Fourteen: February 3, 1997- Seven is Enough
All three generations dread the annual visit of Erics parents. The tension between father and son increases when both sides want to adopt an orphaned 10-year-old boy, and Eric openly voices his disdain for his parents nurturing skills. Meanwhile, Annie discovers what happened to her stolen wedding rings.

Episode Fifteen: February 10, 1997- Happy's Valentine
Annie and Eric spend a romantic Valentines Day camping, and leave Matt in charge. His preoccupation with a date and Marys raging party allows Happy to slip out in search of her puppies. Happy is hit by a car, and the family pulls an all nighter.(some do, anyway)It is aided by a caring veterinarian. Simon blames Matt for the tragic turn of events. Meanwhile, Lucy attempts to celebrate her first Valentines Day with Jimmy Moon.

Episode Sixteen: February 17, 1997- Brave New World
Lucy asks Eric to investigate her new best friends white lies and Matt intervenes when Mary is harassed by a bully. In addition, Simon is jealous of Ruthies new friend from her pre-kindergarten class. (the superhero) Lastly, Ruthies first day at school brings unexpected feelings for Annie.

Episode Seventeen: April 14, 1997- Choices
Mary meets a wild girl in detention (Camille) who convinces her to sneak out of her house to attend a fraternity party, but the party turns out to be an intimate double date with a driver whos been drinking all night. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie counsel a former associate pastor of Erics who is burdened with a secret of his own. Simon and Ruthie secretly buy ferrets.

Episode Eighteen: April 21, 1997- Faith, Hope, and the Bottom Line
Eric wants to hire an ex convict as the churchs vestrys opposition while the acting church treasurer Annie must determine whether there is enough money in the churchs budget to hire a new organist. Lucy becomes jealous after she asks Mary to tutor her boyfriend. (Jimmy Moon) Simon and Matt are fearful about getting a tetanus shot and Ruthie feels empowered by her class phone list and decides to test the emergency phone numbers. (Uh oh!)

Episode Nineteen: April 28, 1997- It's About George
When Erics parents return for a visit with their newly adopted 10-year-old son, they are shocked to meet the boys real father, who wants to be a part of his life again. Meanwhile, Erics sister, Julie, gets out of rehab. Also, with a little help from Matt and Mary, Lucy tries to prepare her boyfriend for meeting her formidable grandparents, "The Colonel" and Grandma Ruth.

Episode Twenty: May 5, 1997- Say Goodbye
Matt is uncomfortable when Annies oldest friend, a boy-crazy divorcee makes a pass at him. Meanwhile, Mary makes her public singing debut. Ruthie decides its time to say goodbye to her imaginary friend Hooey and Lucy is inconsolable when her real best friend moves away.

Episode Twenty-One: May 12, 1997- Dangerous Liasons Part One
Episode Twenty-Two: May 19, 1997- Dangerous Liasons Part Two
Eric plays the role of peacemaker when Annie feels betrayed because her father brings his new girlfriend on his visit just months after her mothers death. Meanwhile, Matt is completely smitten with a hearing impaired girl (Heather) and struggles to understand the challenges she faces. Mary begins a romance with a boy who is hiding a secret from his past and Lucy decides to become a blonde.

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Both Mackenzie and Ruthie grew so much in just one season. I hope you enjoyed the picture timeline, with a special thanks to Lilly's Mackenzie Rosman Heaven for a few of the screen captures. (Her site is linked on the site page as Mackenzie Rosman Heaven) Check out the other episode guides, or go to another page on this site. Every page has something new and exciting, so check them all out!

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